Abby and Abbi

This post comes to us from Kerri Sparling’s Six Until Me.

Abby BayerAbby writes about CGM which I spoke a little bit about before.

In this post Abby talks about a struggle with nighttime blood sugars and the twists and turns they can take, seemingly for no reason.

Kerri calls low blood sugars Larry Bird (just FYI for future readings).

Abby describes a struggle I think all TODs (type one diabetics) go through in their lifetime. How to properly adjust for a high blood sugar when you can feel yourself dropping.

Kerri and Abby are right, low blood sugars are terrifying and when you aren’t sure if your body will wake you up when you have one, they can be downright fatal.

Abby later goes on to mention her struggle with CGM. She says she’d have less trouble WITH one, then quickly mentions that she does have one but hates it.

This reiterates my previous post. The old technology is BAD BAD LEROY BROWN. Abby mentions that with her old CGM she can’t get within “20 points of my finger stick”. These old CGMs are more trouble and expense then they’re worth. My unprofessional recommendation is that if you don’t need one, don’t get one.

She later complains about insurance companies. Insurance companies will be something American’s fight with until we conquer universal health care. Kerri talks a little about this towards the end of the post.

Insurance companies are also the reason diabetics find it hard to do any long-term travel or travel to a remote part of the world. What insurance company in their right mind would allow you to purchase enough insulin for your trip ahead of time (with only one co-pay)? They’d never make any money!

Ah the travesty. I know it sucks but insurance is a money making business. We cannot fight the company because we need the supplies to live (actually literally to live) and if we fight then we won’t be able to afford basic diabetic supplies much less cool new technology like CGM.

It’s a viscous cycle.


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  1. Robert Fischer

    THat’s why its important to have a good relationship with a personal, not big box, pharmacist. They can give you what is needed and submit per the insurance companies schedule. Thay have enough cash in the drawer to cover you, if they know you and you have been a faithful customer.

    Life was so much simpler when we were a name rather than a number.

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