Six Until Me. and Diabetiquette

I’ve been searching around the internet, checking out other Diabetic blogs.

Kerri SparlingOne blog I really appreciate reading is Six Until Me. This blog is written by Kerri Sparling and offers a really nice range of information on diabetes, online support, and funny stories. Who DOESN’T need a little diabetic-pick-me-up during the day???Six Until Me.

I don’t want to copy Kerri, but I would like to someday reach her level of blog-iness. She’s so solid and has accomplished what I’m terrified of someday doing: living a real adult life.

I noticed right away that Kerri recently had a child. Pregnancy and diabetes can be a tricky combo and I’m glad I can look back on Kerri’s posts to see how she handled it. I’m a little too young to be looking at kids, but as a diabetic I need to plan 3-5 years in the future. (That any my control is not tip-top right now, which it needs to be for pregnancy. More on this later…)

Moral of the story is that Kerri is a fantastic blogger. I plan to become a fantastic blogger. We have similar thoughts but I’m coming at life a little differently. Kerri has good control, a family, and as far as I know isn’t in college anymore.

I’m just getting started. This blog is for college kids and younger. We need someone to show us their mistakes, how not to make the same ones, and that even though life takes itself seriously enough we still need to be on top of it, diabetes that is.

So Kerri, I applaud you. I aspire to be like you someday (happy, healthy, with a family) and this blog will be my journey getting to that point. I’d still love more input from you diabetics so we can make this blog more of a support system, but we’ll start slow.


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  1. Robert Fischer

    Slow is good. Is there anyone out theeeeeere?

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