5 Things Not to do About TOD

1. Pretend you DON’T have Type One Diabetes.

 Type Two’s can get away with forgetting about it for a while (not recommended!) but us TODs will just get sick and eventually end up in the hospital or with a kidney or two that’s stopped functioning.

2. Blame someone else for having TOD.

Although this is very tempting and everyone goes through a phase or two or fifty like this it’s not productive. I  know this is easier said than done, I thought I had all my TOD anger worked out but just last week I cried myself to sleep in the middle of the day over the “unfairness of it all”. We have to work through our feelings a such a way that we aren’t constantly victimizing ourselves.

3. Depend on someone else for care.

It is very easy when you’re young to just let mom or dad do everything for you. I will tell you right now, if you don’t take charge of your own care you will just “forget” you have it. Been there, didn’t end well. I’m not saying don’t ask for help, but you need to primarily count on yourself.

Diabetiquette Mountain Dew4. Drink Regular Soda.

Ok, it’s not a great idea. People do it and if you use insulin responsibly that’s ok but your body does not need that much sugar at any time. I know it’s fun when you’re younger to get all hyper with your friends and act like a total moron (also done it) but sugar soda is one of the easier things in life to just say no to. So try it.

5. Get Low.

Sing it with me! No I’m just kidding. You cannot always prevent lows but what I’m talking about here is getting low and driving. You will hurt yourself or someone else. Try to always have juice or glucose tablets or something in your car. You’re getting to the age where thinking about being responsible BLOWS and totally cramps your style. But accidentally killing someone else in a car accident because you were too lazy to pack a juice will cramp your style for a lot longer. Just FYI.



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2 responses to “5 Things Not to do About TOD

  1. Rof

    Good work organizing your thoughts and great encouragements. This is a very helpful blog.

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