Parents: 4 Things to Own for Your TOD

1. A glucose meter.

     There are 5 million on the market. Choose the one that’s most convenient for you. I use the OneTouch Ultra Mini

Diabetiquette One Touch Ultra Mini

 because it’s cute and small and comes in a variety of colors. It’s also speedy and accurate. All meters do different things. This one is very basic so if you’re looking for features (like longterm memory, backlight, whatever), go another way like the BD or AccuChek.

This is a semi-helpful site that gives glucose monitor reviews.

P.S. If you don’t have one of these for your newly diagnosed kid, you’re sunk. I’m sure you know this.

2. A notebook.

     Sounds simple. You need to think of a way for kids to record their blood sugars so you as the adult can see patterns. If you buy them a tiny Batman notebook, or a three-ring-binder, or a Blackberry they’ll most likely use it. Really, they’ll use anything that looks interesting that they’ll enjoy carrying around. I’m not seriously suggesting that you buy your 5-year-old an iPhone to keep track of their ‘betes but the more creative you are, the more they’ll like using the tools. As I’ve aged I’ve tried many things. The most fun and horribly embarrassing was my “Blood Sugar Board”. I bought a Dry Erase Calendar Diabetiquette Dry Erase Board and hung it up on my bedroom door. Each day I recorded my blood sugar on it for my whole family to see… It was embarrassing but it made me remember to check, it also encouraged me to control my sugars better, as everyone could see them.

3. Medication.

     This is a no-brainer and no doctor will let you take your fresh TOD home without some insulin and test strips but if your kid is new it’s easy to forget. Mark it on your calendar, watch out for weekends and evenings when some pharmacies aren’t open, more is ALWAYS better, make sure you’re timing it right so insurance covers. Honestly, sit down once and get all of those things hashed out. Set an alarm on your phone so you remember. Once it’s a habit, no worries, but right away you’re going to add extra stress to your already stressed-out self. Just set the alarm.

4. Wholesome Food.

     My mom did a really good job of this. Kids are such a pain in the butt to feed because they only they’re afraid to try new things. Who cares? You’re the parent. Be authoritative. I think you’re supposed to make your child try a food something like 27 times before you “give up” on it. Just keep pushing and they’ll get the nutrients they need. Diabetes makes you low on energy and having proper nutrition can add that energy back.


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