Nutrition Counters: Review of Calorie Count and Everyday Health My Calorie Counter

I know this isn’t a scheduled post but I was thinking about the article review I did earlier and realized as part of my “Get Healthy” game plan I should probably be watching what I eat.

Well I should probably be doing that ANYWAYS as a diabetic but I meant actual calorie counts.

So, I thought to myself, “Self, why don’t you try out that website you mentioned in your article review?”

Review of Calorie Count:

And then I did. Now maybe it was because I was haphazardly trying to remember and add all the foods I’d eaten and exercise I’d done while at WORK, but this website seemed to have even more ADD than a goldfish.Diabetiquette Cal Count

I added myself to their program and was fairly pleased with the ease of signing up. But then it was sort of all downhill from there… The setup of the site appears clear and simple but it isn’t.

Theoretically you should just be able to add foods to your food log under the right meal and have the website SAVE that information. This somehow is not the case. I added an entire day’s worth of food and exercise to my food log and NOTHING saved. The only thing I was able to save was from the next day when I added a donut. Of course it saves the donut.

It DOES have almost every food you could imagine (and by Brand Name too) but the ease of use is L-O-W.

If most people are as busy as I am, probably busier, they aren’t going to have 30 minutes each day to try to get the site to save all their information in the right place. Gag. I did like the grading feature although I was surprised to find out just how poorly it graded foods I considered healthy. For example a boneless skinless chicken breast was graded a B-

That was as  far as I got before just giving up entirely.

Review of Everyday Health: My Calorie Counter:

Now I’m trying this.

It seems worlds better already. Easy to use, easy to read, basic information.

I will keep you posted!

What calorie counts have you used? Any other recommendations?



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5 responses to “Nutrition Counters: Review of Calorie Count and Everyday Health My Calorie Counter

  1. Robert

    Thanks for following through. I hate recommends that haven’t been tested. Thanks for your work.

  2. Thank YOU for your comments! Let me know if there’s any other websites I can test out! 🙂

  3. Trudy

    I liked your ideas on these sites. Will look at the new one you posted.

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