The Everything Guide to Cooking for Children with Diabetes

I bought this book from Half Price Books today for $2. (I’m fairly certain you can get this cookbook online for about $1)

As a more-than-full-time college student with two jobs and a family, I don’t cook much. I realize that this probably aids my less-than-healthy lifestyle and decided that cooking for myself would save me money and be another big step towards my 6.5 A1C.

The other thing that contributes to my lack of cooking is a filthy boy roommate who never cleans up after himself and a kitchen the size of a public bathroom stall-but that’s another story.

Anyways, I know this book says “for Children” but come on. College students are like kids; they have the same appetites and I’m pretty sure the same attention span and cooking ability of a 7-year-old kid.

I haven’t cooked anything yet, but this book rocks because it gives all the nutritional information from each recipe. Part of my cooking embargo comes from confusion over carb counting when I make something myself. The prepackaged food I eat has its carb count right on the label.

I’m looking forward to diving in to this book. It has a section entitled “The Pursuit of Normalcy” which I’m all about, and all about for newly diagnosed people who feel as though they’ll never be normal again.

It has a “Getting started” section, a “To Meal Plan or Not” section, “Day Starters” i.e. breakfast which I hate eating, a what to do when you eat at a restaurant, holidays, sleepovers (always tricky), snacks, and VERY importantly Sick-Day recipes.

It’s got a ton of other stuff too, but I’m just getting started.

So far the recipes look easy to make, hopefully I don’t lose motivation!

If anybody has any recipe they want to see me attempt to make and then fail at, let  me know!

An excellent food blogger, Alexandra Rogers,

and I will be teaming up shortly to give you a taste of terrific food that ‘s also great for diabetics! Look for that podcast soon!



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4 responses to “The Everything Guide to Cooking for Children with Diabetes

  1. ROF

    I’ve seen your kitchen. Public restrooms are cleaner and bigger. There are usually better people hanging around them than your roommate, too. Ha!

    Regularly planned and prepared meals along with good exercise and rest will get you to a 6.5! God’s blessings on your quest.

  2. Trudy Fischer

    Looks like a great book, Abbi. Let me know how it works for you!

  3. Ricardo

    Let me know how your cooking goes!, and I like this funny statement “filthy boy roommate who never cleans up after himself and a kitchen the size of a public bathroom stall” , ha,ha,ha!!!, as Ben would say…, cheers!!!.

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