Simple Things

You know, life should be so simple.

It should be as simple as, “Hey (person from school), I really like you. Do you want to be my best friend?”

or “Hey Company, I respect your business and I’d like to work/intern for you. OK? I’ll be there Monday.”

But it usually isn’t.

People find it hard to be that straightforward, or they’re afraid of the response, or whoever they’re asking really isn’t listening. Or maybe sometimes, you’ve asked for the impossible.

So I wish I had a million people interested in my blog each day, so my roommate wishes the bathroom would just clean itself, so my other roommate wishes he lived alone (but just for today), none of those things are just going to happen.

I’m taking this time to be more straightforward.

“Hey me, I”d like you to NOT have diabetes.”

I’m going to take this time to be more straightforward AND realistic.

“Hey me, you have diabetes and it totally sucks. Yes you get down sometimes, yes you can’t eat whatever you want whenever you want, yes you are locked into a certain amount of responsibility BUT that is no excuse to not care for yourself. So, Abbi, what I’d like you to do it take better care of yourself. Value yourself just a little more and work a little harder. I know you can do it.”

Life is rarely as simple as asking for something and getting it delivered.

But every once and awhile, it’s as simple as mentioning to a coworker that you love flowers and then finding a pile on your desk in the morning.

Don’t be afraid to ask for things.



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5 responses to “Simple Things

  1. Trudy Fischer

    I love that by your straightforwardness – you’re helping the rest of us blog-readers to be also! God bless your Easter!

  2. rof

    Sweet. Thanks for sharing. I know how you feel and you just nailed the joy for me today. You go, girl…

  3. Kim

    I love this post. Way to give yourself a peppy pep talk! We should all be so kind to ourselves.

  4. Ricardo

    I really like your blog, I am very agree with your post, life should be much simpler!

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