Diet Soda May Not Increase the Risk of Diabetes-Review

Most of you, if you know me at all, know my seriously involved relationship with Diet Coke.


This was taken of me when I was in my first year of college and was privileged enough to travel to Georgia to The World of Coca-Cola. This is a place I’d dearly love to visit again. It’s a ton of fun, lots of history, lots of gift-shopiness, and lots of free Coke.

I digress.

Any who, diet soda is my liquid of choice. When I lived in the desert away from all civilization (internet, cell phones, air conditioning) all I wanted was a soda. I had dreams about it. I wrote about it in my field school journal, and I tried to bribe the tribesmen (look under Portfolio and then Afar Man) we lived with to bring me one from town.

Now for me personally, I was never concerned that my love of the DC gave me diabetes. Mine came when I was three from a Series of Unfortunate Events and the obsession with carbonated beverages came after.

But, there has been talk about diet soda causing diabetes.

My take on this, is that it causes more Type Two diabetes as TOD is usually an organ malfunction. Time did a story not too long ago based on a study done on this topic.

The results of the study, and I find this kind of a “DUH” was that people who drink sugary drinks are 16% more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes. I can only assume Type Two.

Diet soda doesn’t have the sugar that regular soda does, so your body cannot be overloaded with glucose, and your body cannot be resistant to breaking down the ABSENCE of glucose. What they study SHOULD have focused on were the adverse affects of aspartame. That sh*& will kill you.

Actually, I don’t know if it will kill you. There’s a lot of literature out there on how B-A-D aspartame is for the human body and a lot of literature that contrasts that information. All I know, is that I consume mass quantities of it, and I’m still around.

So no, obviously diet soda will not give you a higher risk of “catching” Type One diabetes; not exercising, drinking and eating nutrient dense foods, your personal genetics, and living a sedentary lifestyle in general will.

Until I find some research I believe on the effects of aspartame, drink away my diabetic friends!



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3 responses to “Diet Soda May Not Increase the Risk of Diabetes-Review

  1. ROF

    Good diet and exercise cover a multitude of sins. Without then, everything can be bad for you.

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