Getting Support for Type One Diabetes

Diabetes is a hard disease. (insert that’s what she said joke)

Anyways, diabetes is a very care-intensive disease and from what I’ve heard and experienced the teenage years are when people give up on caring for themselves.  My doctor told me that those were the years where I would think I was invincible. He was definitely right with that prediction and I was definitely wrong thinking that I was in fact, invincible.

So, what you’re going to need to do is get yourself some support. Some people who realize what you’re going through and can help you stay on track.

Take Jay Cutler for instance. He was diagnosed with TOD late in life, now he has Kristin Cavallari to help remind him to take care of himself.

I have my mom, dad, sister and brother to help me instead of a highly paid reality-tv star, but who’s counting.

I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I am here to suggest things to make your life easier.

Anything from law school to a chronic illness is easier to deal with if you share that burden with someone else.

So, my advice to you is find your own Kristin Cavallari.



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3 responses to “Getting Support for Type One Diabetes

  1. ROF

    These are really well written. You have an excellent communication style, clear and easy to understand. This is very helpful and encouraging as well as insightful.

  2. Trudy Fischer

    Good advice!

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