Catching ZZZ’s

I’m sure this goes without saying, but sleep is IMPORTANT.

Last night I got between 3 and 4 hours of sleep due to some “domestic” arguments in the apartment below me, some drunk people next to me, and the rest of the apartment complex trying to get those people to shut up.

I was expecting this to be fine when I woke up at 7am and started getting ready for work but I was wrong.

As it turns out, I fell asleep on the bus and almost missed my stop. When I got inside the hospital I consumed more than HALF my daily calorie allowance. Before 9am. Yes the Egg and Cheese McMuffin was delicious and yes, the Strawberry Cream Cheese Croissant made me remember why I like to be alive… but now for the rest of the day I have about 400-500 calories to burn.

This is NOT ideal.

So: sleep is important for regular people and, as these things go, it’s even more important for diabetics.

First, I’ll go through the reasons from Harvard Health:

1. Memory

You  know how you feel after a night of no sleep: drunk. And you know what you remember from the night of being drunk: nothing. That doesn’t need a whole lot more explanation.

2. Metabolism

Lack of sleep alters hormone levels that tell you when to eat. When you’re sleep deprived, your body knows it needs to be awake and it knows it needs energy. So it tells you you’re hungry. And then you eat 900 calories before 9am. See Taco Bell post for the dangers of that one.

3. Safety

Sleepy people fall asleep. While doing things you need to be awake for.

4. Mood

Sleep deprived new parents are some of the crabbiest people I have ever met (no offense). It’s the same for non-new-parents. Anyone who is tired and in a good mood has probably taken some kind of mood-altering drug.

5. Cardiovascular Health

Less sleep = more stress. Stress is bad for your heart. Also: diabetes is a heart disease. Any extra stress put on a heart that is working too hard to begin with is bad news. As a diabetic, your heart needs to be attended to and getting enough sleep is an EASY and EXCELLENT way to not add stress to your life.

6. Disease

Getting too little sleep affects how your immune system works. Let me give you a hint: it doesn’t make it work better. The same with heart disease, sleep is an EASY way to help your body work properly. Give yourself a chance to be able to fight off the infections that you’ll be more prone to anyways with your diabetes.

Second, let me break it down for you:

Sleep will lift your mood, keep your weight down, and help keep your diabetes under control. Don’t add to your body’s stress by keeping it from resting.

Thanks Harvard, for spelling that our for us.



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3 responses to “Catching ZZZ’s

  1. Rof

    A life in balance (eat right, sleep enough, exercise accordingly) is a wonderful life, indeed.

    A life out of balance, as suggested by your night and morning (I’ve had those myself) is one of running down a very steep hill and never having your feet be fast enough to stay underneath you! No fun and dangerous.

    Thanks for your observations and encouragements!

  2. Trudy Fischer

    This was awesome info and WOW! woke me right up! (to sleep) Way to go!

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