Get ‘Em to the Greek

Lately, my All-Potato-Chip diet has started to fail me.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Abbi, your steady diet of  Taco Bell and processed foods is a failsafe plan!”

To you I say, “You’re right! I lost seven pounds this month!”

And I’m not kidding. I went to the doctor on June 1st, got weighed, went back to the doctor June 27th, got weighed, and there was a seven pound difference!

But, what I didn’t add into that sequence of events was the horrific stomach flu I got that lasted almost 3 days. What I also didn’t add was that my oh-so-nutrient-deficient diet was mostly to blame.

I also got an A1C done, but we aren’t talking about that today. Or tomorrow. The same adjective applies to both my stomach flu and my A1C. Sorry doc.

Anywhoo, I took a vacation and when I came back to work I decided to make a change for the better! Instead of my fallback Egg and Cheese McMuffin or Strawberry Creamcheese Croissant, I went for the Greek Yogurt:

Again, I know what you’re thinking:

“Abbi, that looks like someone vomited into a bowl, gave you a spoon, and told your diabetes to take a hike.”

Well, you’re right again! But it isn’t vomit.

I swear.

People go on and on about Greek Yogurt, to the point where I want to start stabbing jugulars, but they’re mostly right.

And if you’re thinking, “But Abbi, I don’t like eating things that don’t TASTE like anything.” Then I’d tell you, “Hey. Stop complaining and add stuff to it.”

E.G. Nuts, Granola, Cherries, Grapes, Strawberries… blah blah blah

The fact is, Greek Yogurt is good for you. Not only does it have the normal benefits of yogurt (calcium, aids digestion, etc) but it’s lower sodium, lower carb, higher protein, AND you can use it in recipes to substitute for fattier things like mayonnaise.

God, I love mayo.

Right, back to the point: if you can get around the fact that it doesn’t really taste like anything, it’s a good diabetic snack. With fewer carbs than regular yogurt you can either eat twice as much (therefore getting twice as full on yogurt and less full on T-Bell) or eat the regular amount with more nutritional benefit and less insulin to take!

Be aware though, I always forget this, if you ADD to the yogurt (damn you Maraschino cherries) that WILL add to the carb count. I am usually so preoccupied trying to figure out how many ounces of yogurt I’m eating that I forget to add carbs for fruit.

If you’re looking for different varieties of Greek Yogurt (live cultures, low-fat) then look here. That is a nice short blog post about Greek Yogurt with a list at the bottom for different kinds. The comments are good too!

Over this Fourth of July weekend remember: if you are also on the All-Potato-Chip Diet, or the All-Beer Diet, or even the Healthy Diet, adding something new like Greek Yogurt can be your small step towards a slightly healthier life.



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4 responses to “Get ‘Em to the Greek

  1. FooFoo

    I’ve watched you eat this diet over the years. I’m so very glad that you upgraded your habits. Yah! Greek yogurt!!!

    • I just wanted to say, I recently went home and bought Fage yogurt (which is fat free) and had a really nice conversation with my mom (a die-hard yogurt fan) about the benefits of going Greek. She bought it, literally. My father, Hater-Of-All-Things-Dairy, actually ate some of it. Not kidding. I watched him take a spoonful, eat it, and then take ANOTHER spoonful. If the Fischers can change, YOU can change. Love you Dad!

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