Cool New Blog, I support you!

It has been such a long time since I’ve posted anything on “ye olde blog” and I apologize sincerely!

My dad recently became a member of the diabetes club and I owe him some good posts!

(Just in case anyone DIDN’T know, that is a member’s only jacket)

I think I’ve mentioned the fact that I work in a hospital in the Food Service and Nutrition Clinics. Because of this, I see a lot of nutritionists on a daily basis.

Two really great nutritionists from the hospital recently started a blog. I thought it’d be great to share the link here on Diabetiquette.

                         Nutrition Divas






Laura Isaacson                                                                                         Kelly Nuckolls

They don’t have much up so far, but as actual Registered Dietitians they will be able to offer some really stellar advice! And probably more accurate than mine…

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and more importantly, has stopped following the All-Potato-Chip Diet plan…



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4 responses to “Cool New Blog, I support you!

  1. Robert Fischer

    Glad to see you back on the air-waves. Keep sharing and connecting. We need encouragement more than anyhting!

  2. Trudy Fischer

    Great to see you back!!

  3. Paul Grubbs

    Greetings from Minnesota.
    I thought of you and your blog when I recently came across this poem by Katy Giebenhain.

    Glucose Self-Monitoring

    A stabbing in miniature, it is,
    a tiny crime,
    my own blood parceled
    drop by drop and set
    on the flickering tongue
    of this machine.
    It is the spout-punching of trees
    for syrup new and smooth
    and sweeter
    than nature ever intended.
    It is Sleeping Beauty’s curse
    and fascination.
    It is the dipstick measuring of oil
    from the Buick’s throat,
    the necessary maintenance.
    It is every vampire movie ever made.
    Hand, my martyr without lips,
    my quiet cow.
    I’ll milk your fingertips
    for all they’re worth.
    For what they’re worth.
    Something like a harvest, it is,
    a tiny crime.

    Former Poet Laureate Ted Kooser has a weekly newspaper column where he introduces a short, interesting contemporary poem and I read the above on the related website. Here is his introduction to the piece:
    “Katy Giebenhain, an American living in Berlin, Germany, depicts a ritual that many diabetics undergo several times per day: testing one’s blood sugar. The poet shows us new ways of looking at what can be an uncomfortable chore by comparing it to other things: tapping trees for syrup, checking oil levels in a car, milking a cow.”

    God Bless!
    Paul Grubbs

    • I love it Mr. Grubbs! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply! I hope you and your family are doing well in Minnesota! We sure miss you in Wisconsin! Thank you for sharing the poem. Try to stay cool!

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