Totally, not Really. The SlimLiars

SLIMLIARI dislike being lied to or mislead.

I don’t know anyone who does.

I also dislike people or companies who use other people for shameless self-promotion.

SlimKicker contacted me MONTHS ago to try out their website with the promise of keeping in contact with me and with allowing me to try their product for free.

None of those things happened.

Henceforth they shall be known as SlimLiar and I will not be reviewing, using, or endorsing them in any way. I contacted them multiple times asking if there was an issue or delay, they did not respond to me at all. Great customer service.

To review:

SlimKicker a.k.a. SlimLiar:

1. Lies

2. Terrible customer service

3. Bad to non-existent follow-up

4. Slow moving, inconsistent website. I’d much rather use one that didn’t judge me for all my choices.hell to the noHave a nice day!



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2 responses to “Totally, not Really. The SlimLiars

  1. kyle

    Good article. What is slimkicker? You should start this blog up again

    • It was supposed to be another version of the FitBit, it looked cool initially but now I have no respect for that company and I don’t know if they ever put a product on the market. Suckers.

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